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Sunset Tour

This is another time on the river that can be very rewarding for birdwatching. As the wind tends to drop late in the afternoon, you can observe some of the birds out and about looking for that last meal of the day, or flying down to the water bathing, before retiring for the night.

You could also see a crocodile laying on a bank catching the last of the sunrays before sliding into the river. Green tree snakes come out on to the edge of the Native Hibiscus to sleep for the night and sometimes a large Amethystine Python (which can grow to about five and a half metres, Australia’s largest snake) after having a large meal, curls up in a tree. Watching hundreds of Cattle Egrets flying low over the water on their way down river to roost for the night, and the fragrance of some of the Native rainforest tree species flowering, (especially Ylang Ylang, Cananga odorata which tends to disperse their perfume late evening) all add to the river experience.

You then finish your Daintree River birdwatching tour with some magical sunsets, (as with everything, it’s up to Mother Nature….. but then again Mother Nature has a special interest in the Daintree River).